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Things to know when you quit the pill

Dr. Ossanna

Women decide to stop taking birth control pills for many reasons. Some might be searching for alternative birth control methods, others stop the pill because of side effects, but probably the most common reason is that they want to become pregnant.

Here are a number of things to expect:

  1. Your hormones can fluctuate. Most birth control pills a combination of estrogen and progesterone. When you take them, your body is getting a consistent level of hormones, which prevents fluctuations in hormones that usually occur during a normal menstrual cycle. Often, side effects of oral contraceptives is due to the body returning to its normal fluctuation of hormones.
  2. Physical side effects. Most side effects experienced after stopping the pill are physical. If a woman experiences mood swings or emotional instability on the pill, that may go away when she stops taking it.
  3. Fertility isn’t affected. The oral contraceptive pill does not decrease a woman’s fertility. She should conceive in whatever her normal timeframe would be. Women who are no longer on the pill who aren’t using other reliable forms of contraception could become pregnant.
  4. Going off the pill to get pregnant, means there is something else you should be taking.

A woman who has gone off the pill to try and become pregnant, should start taking a prenatal or multivitamin. It is generally recommended that these be started about three months prior to conception.

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